• Tire Inspections
  • Collision Scene Inspections and Surveys
  • Computer-Generated Collision Scene Diagrams
  • Forensic Computer Animations
  • Simulations

2. Personal injury incident services include:

  • Inspection of the Incident Area
  • Evaluation of Applicable Building Codes, Standards and Bylaws
  • Analysis of Slip Resistance of Walking Surfaces

1. Motor Vehicle Collision Related Services include:


Bigelow Accident Reconstruction Inc. is a Consulting Engineering company specializing in:

1. Reconstruction of motor vehicle collisions; and,

2. Evaluation of personal injury incidents such as slip and falls on walkways, stairs and ramps.

  • Vehicle Damage Inspections
  • Vehicle Mechanical Inspections
  • Seatbelt Inspections
  • Airbag System Analysis
  • Crash Data Retrieval from Event Data Recorders (blackbox information)